New cybersecurity risk management group launches


Data security specialist Empire Technologies Risk Management Group (ETRM Group), has launched with the aim of helping commercial and government organisations secure and optimise critical business processes by providing services including cybersecurity, eDiscovery, managed review, and information governance.

The company’s lawyers and technologists have more than 100 years of collective experience in cybersecurity and information governance, having served the Department of Defense, the Federal Trade Commission, the White House, law firms and Fortune 500 corporations.

“The legal marketplace is facing an unprecedented number of cyber attacks and breaches because the data security industry has focused only on secure networking—not a secure working environment,” said Kenya Dixon, general counsel and chief operating officer of ETRM.

“At ETRM Group, we believe that cybersecurity is the foundation of every successful legal process or technology—whether it’s eDiscovery, managed review or adapting to new standards such as a remote workforce.”

ETRM Group provides proactive protection with fundamental cybersecurity protocols and governance; a comprehensive approach to technology architecture, information governance, eDiscovery and managed review that safeguards an organisation’s data; course correction by helping organisations securely pivot to meet internal or external pressure caused by situations such as remote working, evolving cybersecurity threats or regulatory compliance; and agile response by combining the expertise of seasoned professionals to ensure the preservation, privacy and security of data from initiation to data disposition.

“Often, vendors are not adequately vetted for proper data-handling, processing and security, which adversely impacts risk and the cost of services.

“Our holistic scope of services helps organisations including law firms, corporations and federal, state and local governments protect data, leverage technologies, and optimise workflows,” said Dixon.

ETRM Group is based in Washington, DC, with offices in Chicago and New York opening soon.

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