OneTrust expands operations in Brazil with São Paulo Office


Privacy compliance technology platform OneTrust has expanded operations to support Brazilian customers and companies across the globe working to comply with the Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais (LGPD).

The LGPD grants many new privacy rights to Brazilian data subjects and requires organisations that process personal data to meet data protection obligations. Much like the GDPR or CCPA, complying with the LGPD typically requires major operational and technological updates and changes.

To assist Brazilian customers with LGPD compliance, OneTrust expanded operations, support, and services in Brazil, including its LGPD Fast Track programme to speed up compliance with the LGPD.

Customers also have the ability to stay up to date with LGPD updates, changes, and new timelines for compliance with research via OneTrust DataGuidance, OneTrust’s regulatory research software, which includes a dedicated LGPD portal.

Customers can access an extensive Brazilian partner network, and OneTrust’s new office in São Paulo will give customers access to local sales, engineering and support resources in Brazil. OneTrust also has a local Brazilian data centre, and customers can hear from privacy experts in their city and connect with local privacy and security experts via LGPDConnect online events and workshops.

Other parts of OneTrust’s offering include ANPD Incident Breach Notification Management, which enables customers to comply with breach notification obligations to manage incidents and notify both to the ANPD and data subjects of relevant security incidents. All OneTrust programmes, research, technology, and services are available in Brazilian Portuguese.

“OneTrust technologies helped us at a critical moment for all companies in Brazil: the implementation of the LGPD,” said Carla Freitas, information security leader at Unimed Campinas.

“With its adaptable and easy-to-use tools, it was possible to adopt several processes in a short time, thus allowing us to adhere to the current changes required by LGPD and also to future changes, leading us to be an example for several other companies in the same sector, ensuring that privacy and security is always our priority.“

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