Origami Risk and LineSlip join forces to enhance risk management with AI


Two insurance-focused software as a service (SaaS) companies, Origami Risk and LineSlip Solutions, have formed an exclusive relationship that will enable Origami’s clients to readily access the essential information they need to manage their insurance programmes worldwide and effectively negotiate their commercial insurance coverages and renewals as market conditions evolve.

The collaboration between the two firms integrates LineSlip’s artificial intelligence (AI)-driven optical character recognition capabilities to digitise paper insurance documents and PDFs with Origami’s policy management solution, enabling Origami clients to access their property and casualty insurance data in digital format.

LineSlip enables risk managers to “own their own data”, facilitating real-time access to all their insurance programmes, both in-force and historic, to make it easy to understand and report on all relevant details related to their commercial P&C experience.

“Risk managers in all parts of the US and worldwide face unprecedented challenges,” said Robert Petrie, CEO of Origami Risk.

“As well as dealing with dramatic shifts in their business models, operations and revenue streams arising from COVID-19, they must also navigate a hardening commercial insurance market.

“The ability to quickly access and analyse all elements of their risk and insurance programmes using the robust solutions provided by Origami and LineSlip can be a game-changer as they seek to secure their enterprises in this dynamic environment.”

Lee Stevenson, president of LineSlip Solutions, added: “In order to excel in an increasingly complex and challenging insurance marketplace, risk managers need a tool that will allow them to access current and historic loss, exposure and programme data in one system.

“Integrating LineSlip’s programme and exposure data with Origami’s loss data is a win-win for clients.”

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