QBE to offer PI cover for flight examiners


QBE Australia is set to offer professional indemnity (PI) for all Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) appointed Approved Testing Officers (ATOs) and those transitioning to the new Flight Examiner Rating (FERs).

From September 1, 2014, ATOs and Flight Examiners are required to make their own insurance arrangements as part of the new CASA Civil Aviation Regulation Part 61 implementation.

Previously ATOs had been protected for professional liability by CASA. However the Authority announced earlier this month that existing ATOs will be transitioned to a FER on 30 June 2016, at which point protection would cease.

Julian Fraser, QBE Australia’s national relationship manager – aviation, said a key focus for the QBE team was “supporting the long-term health of the local aviation industry”.

“Underwriting this indemnity allows us to ensure our valued customers and Flight Examiners can continue their important contribution to flying training across Australia with confidence and security,” he said.

QBE, Asia-Pacific, Julian Fraser

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