RMS launches LifeRisks platform


RMS has launched a new modelling platform, RMS LifeRisks, which is aimed at the life insurance and pension risk management industry.

RMS LifeRisks provides companies with an integrated view of trend and shock risks in their life and annuity portfolios, which is also underpinned by medical research and social change projections. 

The platform also enables companies to access a suite of mortality risk models, including the RMS Longevity Risk Model and RMS Excess Mortality Risk Model for pandemic, terrorism, and natural catastrophe risk. This enables companies to manage their mortality risk in Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

RMS LifeRisks also helps European life insurance companies to fulfil their Solvency II requirements by incorporating their view of risks in their routine management of their mortality underwriting risks, as well as capital risk management.

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