Zurich invests in insurtech Digital Insurance Group


Zurich Insurance Group has co-led a €15 million funding round with Finch Capital in European insurtech firm Digital Insurance Group (DIG) to further drive its growth.
DIG and Zurich have entered into a multi-year collaboration agreement wherein DIG will use its technology stack to support Zurich Insurance in developing innovative mobile solutions that are continually optimized using deep customer data analytics. 
DIG claims to be a next generation technology partner to insurers, banks and brokers. Its data-driven insurance platform enables its customers to roll out fully customized mobile-first insurance experiences at record speed. DIG also works with global banks and other companies that want to offer innovative insurance solutions to their customer base. The company is currently working with clients in multiple countries in Europe and Latin America.
Theo Bouts, CEO of Zurich Insurance Mobile Solution (ZIMS) said: "We are excited about this collaboration with DIG, a leading insurtech innovator, to support our digital strategy and capabilities and to ensure we shape the future of insurance."
Ingo Weber, CEO and co-founder of DIG, commented: "We are thrilled to support Zurich Insurance on a global scale and to bring new digital solutions to Zurich and its customers in a fast way."

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