AXA XL report: D&O trends we are watching in 2021

Directors & Officers take huge responsibilities in the day-to-day management of companies. Their decisions and management direction are often put “under the microscope.” Here are trending professional liability risks AXA XL has its eye on for 2021.

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Infographic: Digital Transformation For Quote-Bind-Issue In Commercial Lines

According to a brand new survey by Intelligent Insurer and Relay Platform, commercial insurers are investing heavily in APIs. A whopping 86% of respondents predict that APIs will transform today’s quote-bind-issue process, with 78% already investing in technology to improve the process.

How does your progress benchmark against that of your peers? We surveyed 300+ underwriters and brokers to see which capabilities they are investing in, which lines of business they are focusing on, and which tools and technologies the market needs to improve underwriting and renewal success rates and to manage more business.


Infographic: Claims 2021 Survey Results: Critical Insights from Claims Professionals on Customer Centricity, Technology and Operational Efficiency

By downloading this infographic, you’ll get the perspective of 300+ insurance executives on the impact of COVID-19 on claims, metrics to measure customer retention and emerging technologies which can help to drive operational efficiency. And with 60% of respondents being VP level or above (from reinsurers and insurers), you’ll get a senior-level perspective on the future of claims which simply isn’t available anywhere else.


AXA XL whitepaper: Construction Storm Preparedness Guide

Contractors must be ready to quickly respond to severe storms and natural catastrophes to protect their projects and their firm. AXA XL’s Storm Preparedness Guide contains everything you need to know to minimize losses by being prepared, including risks (broken down by geographical region), materials and supplies checklists, and sample communication plans and timelines.

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AmWINS, Employers, Hippo, Marsh, Pie and Gallagher Speak Out On Technology’s Transformative Impact On Commercial Lines

Commercial lines carriers are naturally cautious about investing in trends that may come to nothing, but the risk of inaction is becoming as great as too much haste. As new entrants gain traction in the market, incumbents risk facing redundancy if they fail to make commercial insurance easier to deliver for carriers and brokers, and a more rational, useful experience for customers.

Intelligent Insurer assembled leading figures in the US commercial lines market to examine current trends and future predictions for the impact of technology and innovation in commercial lines. 


Intelligent Insurer’s Big Underwriting Survey 2021 - Results Infographic

According to a brand new survey by Intelligent Insurer, underwriters are investing heavily in emerging technologies to drive operational efficiency and deliver improved service for customers, and with 74% of respondents saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitisation of underwriting processes, how do you stack up against your peers?

We surveyed more than 400 senior underwriters to get their perspectives on which technologies they are investing in, the sectors in which they expect these technologies to have the most impact, and the continued growth of return on investment.


How AI and ML can improve claims efficiency and customer satisfaction

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are driving a lot of the changes currently being seen within insurance, particularly in claims handling and customer interaction. But how can these technologies be most effectively integrated into the claims process? And how will they continue to grow and develop both now and in the future?

How can you efficiently get the best insights to drive your strategy forward? Find out in this new report.


Pinpoint The Most Transformative Tools That Commercial Insurers Are Deploying Today

In this brand new survey infographic from Intelligent Insurer, see what 300+ commercial insurers had to say about their strategic priorities and investment plans for the year ahead.

We surveyed 300+ commercial insurers to see which technologies they are investing in, which functional areas are most impacted, and which lines of business stand to benefit most.


Adapt And Upskill To Become The Underwriter Of The Future

The underwriter of the future must balance heritage skills with new competencies, leveraging emerging technologies and data sources to deliver more sophisticated insights with greater efficiency.

At Intelligent Insurer’s Underwriting Innovation Virtual Event in November 2020, a panel of experts discussed how the underwriting profession needs to evolve in order to thrive in a context of AI-driven innovation, and shared advice for underwriters who are anxious about the need to acquire new skills.


Achieving business continuity in a post-COVID-19 world: establish the optimum operating model for your remote workforce

COVID-19 has been an unprecedented challenge for the insurance industry, with flexibility, adaptability and a more tech-focused strategy becoming key watchwords for both underwriting and claims.

How can firms adapt these to optimise their operating model for the new normal and the eventual post-pandemic future? Are all the transformations seen over the last year here to stay? Find out this and more, in this new whitepaper.


Accelerating Change in Distribution Through Technology

Salesforce and Harvard Business Review Analytics Services surveyed 150 executives globally, and interviewed subject matter experts from AmWINS, New York Life, Marsh, Ascot, plus more, to understand exactly where the industry stands on the future of distribution.


wns-claims-wp-jpg.JPG Report - The New Insurance Experience: Digital trends, technologies, and strategies redefining the industry

By reading this report you’ll explore the specific challenges around claims management caused by COVID-19—namely the surge in claims and rising costs. You’ll also discover how leading insurers are deploying technology and AI to boost the productivity of their workforce and the customer experience.


precisely-wp-jpg.JPG On the front line of a ‘data war’: how to harness external data for underwritingHow are insurers preparing for a post-COVID world?

There is a data war going on. Insurers are striving to use different combinations of external data to give them a competitive edge. When it comes to using external data for underwriting, you need to experiment and invest. You need to bring existing technology and data up to speed while simultaneously pursuing new sources of data.

But how can you efficiently get the best insights to drive your strategy forward? Find out in this new report, with comments from the Chief Underwriting Officer of Hiscox and industry experts from Swiss Re and Precisely.


Understanding clients to help them navigate tough times.

COVID-19 has presented companies with a myriad of unprecedented challenges—and now they also face a hard market. Against a backdrop of rapid change, including intense consolidation between brokers, AXA XL is intent on getting to know its clients, and brokers, better than ever, explains Bob Peretti, the chief distribution officer at AXA XL Americas.


Touchless Claims: How To Reduce Manual Touchpoints To Resolve Customer Pain Points

Intelligent Insurer recently caught up with a panel of experts to discuss how to find and develop the right talent and technology infrastructure to ensure companies are ready for a touchless claims revolution, and the importance of getting a data strategy in good working order so you can plug automation into the claims process and avoid common pitfalls.

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AXA XL Insurance whitepaper: Severe Weather Planning Guide

Because severe storms don’t occur often, it’s easy to dismiss the possibility that your facility could be damaged by wind, rain or storm surge. Having a plan in place will help make sure you can weather an incident safely and securely.

Use this tool to develop Standard Operating Procedures designed to meet the needs of your facility and occupancy.

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The Greatest Prize in Underwriting

Doing what you’ve always done can leave you trailing the competition in today’s innovative market. As the COVID-19 pandemic encourages people to be more amenable to change, it’s the ideal time to get ahead by embracing augmented underwriting. To gain these riches, insurers and brokers just need to take the first small step.

Identify the steps you need to take on your journey to augmented underwriting in this new report “The Greatest Prize in Underwriting”, with expert commentary from chief underwriting officers and SVPs from Zurich, Markel, Farmers of Salem, Ironshore and sponsored by e2Value.


The Development of Risk Management and Liability Insurance

Social inflation and the impact of COVID-19 has given the liability sector its biggest shock since the asbestos litigation of the 1970s. Back then, the industry responded by innovating. But how will the market respond to its latest shake-up? And in what ways will data help?

Find out in this new whitepaper “The development of risk management and liability insurance”, sponsored by Praedicat and featuring exclusive insights from senior executives from Google, AXA XL and Aon. Sponsored by Praedicat.


AXA XL - Environmental risks: Cyber security and critical industries whitepaper

Cyber crime can pose a significant pollution liability risk. These events can cause fires, explosions and hazardous material releases (polluting water or air) resulting in bodily injury, property damage, environmental remediation expense, and significant legal liability claims.

This paper provides guidance on best management practices, risk management controls, prevention steps, and essential elements of a cyber security program.


Transform Inefficient Operations: Leverage Intelligent Automation to Drive Efficiency, Agility and Performance

Intelligent Insurer recently caught up with a panel of experts to discuss how insurers are initiating fresh approaches to stubborn pain points in underwriting, claims, and customer/partner service, by mobilising intelligent automation to achieve speed, accuracy, and improved business performance.

The whitepaper features contributions from Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, Beazley, Blue Prism Cloud and Swiss Re.


Third-Party Liability Compensation of Severe Motor Bodily Injury Claims

Each year, the French motor insurance market provides compensation to 151,000 accident victims at a total cost of 4.6 billion euros.

Road safety and prevention initiatives undertaken since 2005 have helped to progressively decrease the number of road accident victims. However, the severity of bodily injuries remains high. Consequently, almost 22% of all compensation provided by the market is used to indemnify 0.5% of all accident victims.


Plotting the Future of the Underwriter - Exciting Times Ahead

From upskilling to new technologies, now is undoubtedly the most exciting time to be an underwriter. Seize upon these new opportunities and you’ll be able to deliver an accelerated underwriting process, a more tailored customer experience and amplify your portfolio decisions.  
But exactly what skills do you need to acquire to keep up?  


AXA XL Whitepaper: Cyber Risk Alert

Cyber security in the time of coronavirus

With the ongoing spread of coronavirus, many businesses are now planning for or actively implementing a business model involving more remote workers than they ever anticipated.

In the rush to keep businesses working, Risk managers and IT need to properly develop strong security measures.



AXA XL Whitepaper: Social Engineering

The rising risks and how to boost your cyber defense 

Social engineering attacks are on the rise. While effective IT and security procedures will help mitigate the risk of and damage done by a successful attack, educating your employees remains the foremost line of defense. But as damage costs rise, risk transfer should also be part of your plan.


In this legal update, specialist insurance/reinsurance law firm Carter Perry Bailey LLP consider two recent Supreme Court decisions that are important to insurers. In the first, Travellers Insurance v XYZ, the court considered a claim for costs made by claimants in a group action against the insolvent defendants insurers, even though the claims made by the particular claimants had not been covered by the insurance. They succeeded in the High Court and the Court of Appeal, but the Supreme Court found for Insurers. The second case, Edwards v Hugh James Ford Simey was a professional negligence claim brought by a former miner (who had suffered Vibration White Finger) against his former solicitors, in which the supreme court considered the admissibility of expert evidence that was not available at the original trial.

Senior executives met to discuss how the industry can rise to the challenge of accelerating change at the Intelligent Insurer and Allianz roundtable at SIRC 2019 in Singapore.

Companies taking part included: Allianz, Allianz Re, Hyperion, TigerRisk Asia, Guy Carpenter, RMS, Willis Re and Fitch Ratings.


To coincide with the Monte Carlo Rendezvous, we again publish Carter Perry Bailey’s “(Re)insurance Round-Up”, covering legal developments and cases of interest to the insurance/reinsurance market, over the last year. Noted for its concise and digestible treatment of each topic, this year it includes Reinsurance Allocation, Insurance 2015 Fair Presentation, Exclusion Clauses, Sanctions, Reinstatement, Limitation, Part VII Transfers, Jurisdiction and Arbitration, as well as the inevitable mention of Brexit.


The Supreme Court has overturned the Court of Appeal’s outspoken pro-claimant judgment awarding damages for what the Claimant would have done if it had been correctly advised by the Defendant. In what will be a leading judgment, the Supreme Court set out the approach that the court will take to causation in such “Loss of Chance” cases – where it is alleged that negligent advice as to one course of action caused the Claimant to lose the chance of profiting from an alternative course of action.

Technology will determine the future of underwriting - the only questions are how quickly and whether it will be an evolution or revolution.

These were the topics debated by a panel of underwriters and brokers at a roundtable event hosted by Intelligent Insurer in partnership with AdvantageGo.

bankingcircle-logo-primary-blk-rgb.jpg White paper uncovers outdated payments processes

Banking Circle is a financial utility that provides the banking infrastructure for payments. Setting out to discover the payment pain points affecting the insurance sector, its new white paper reveals that out-dated and manually intensive collection and reconciliation systems are seriously undermining customer experience and profitability targets.


Beyond paying claims: CCR’s vision for the future of reinsurance



Video Interviews - Intelligent InsurTECH Europe 2018

Intelligent InsurTECH Europe 2018 brought together 350+ of the leading figures in insurtech to discuss and debate the latest industry developments, with AI, IoT and blockchain among the major insurtech topics on the agenda.


Beyond Claims

Expected to jump from ~$3B to ~$20B in gross written premiums by 2025, cyber insurance is one of the fastest-growing insurance industry segments. However, to fully leverage the opportunity, insurers and reinsurers groups must understand the unique challenges associated with this nascent line.


Sovereign Bond Backed Securities:  European Government Debt’s Next Venture into the Unknown?

Download this free whitepaper for an introduction to potential new securities in the euro area as the EU looks at solutions to support further integration and diversification within Europe's financial sector.



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