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e-book-cover.jpg Intelligent Insurer End Of Year Review 2022 - An extraordinary year

In this special End of Year Review edition of Intelligent Insurer the team has selected 2022’s most pivotal and interesting moments across M&A, market insights, innovation and business strategy, among many other highlights. Click here to view this special edition online.

e-book-cover.jpg SPECIAL MGA REPORT - Preparation meets opportunity: time for MGAs to thrive

You can check out the results of this unique survey of the MGA market in this special report available to download now or click here to view the report online.


Diversity & inclusion Report 2021

This special report features in-depth interviews with industry leaders sharing their first-hand experiences, the direction they think D&I is heading in and what this means for the industry. If you need more inspiration, check out our carefully compiled list of the top 25 D&I champions from across the industry.

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S&P Global Ratings and Intelligent Insurer present

Global Reinsurance Highlights 2020

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Intelligent Insurer's MGA Report 2020

The report includes:

  • Fresh challenges in a hardening market
  • Healthy despite headwinds
  • Performance of the top 60 MGAs



Intelligent Insurer's Diversity and Inclusion Report 2019

Progress is being made on improving diversity and inclusion (D&I) in re/insurance with ever more people recognising the value they bring, not just as a good thing to do, but also in financial results and competitive advantage. For our 2019 special report we spoke to senior leaders throughout the industry, including Inga Beale, Sian Fisher and Jane Portas, to find out what they are doing and how they see the future of D&I.




S&P Global Ratings and Intelligent Insurer present

Global Reinsurance Highlights 2019

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Intelligent Insurer's Insurtech: Hot 100

As the industry’s burgeoning insurtech sector shows no sign of slowing down, we have spent months compiling a list of 100 insurtech firms we believe have the potential to transform the industry—and thus to succeed as companies in their own right. This list was compiled based on the results of a global online survey which prompted our readers to nominate companies they have been impressed with. This was complemented by the work of our in-house research team and the knowledge of our editorial staff.


Intelligent Insurer Rising Stars 2019

Welcome to the 2019 edition of Rising Stars—a forum where we celebrate the young talent making its mark in the risk transfer industry globally. We again profile 40 young people—all under 35—tipped by their companies for great things. We profile and interview them, and their perspectives on the industry offer fascinating insights.


Influential Women in Re/insurance 2018

We are pleased to launch the all new 2018 issue of Influential Women in Re/insurance to our subscribers.

Inside this much-anticipated special report we profile 350 of the most influential women in all sectors of the re/insurance industry.



S&P Global Ratings and Intelligent Insurer present

Global Reinsurance Highlights 2018

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Rising Stars 2018 Intelligent Insurer


Intelligent Insurer Rising Stars 2018

Intelligent Insurer speaks to 45 young executives - all under 35 - destined for success within this evolving sector.

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London Market Brokers Report 2018


London Market Brokers Report 2018



Influential Women in Re/insurance 2017

Intelligent Insurer profiles the leading women currently making their mark on the re/insurance industry.



Fitch Ratings - Global Reinsurance Guide 2018



Gibraltar - The Innovitive Domicle 2017


Managing General Agents Special Report 2017

This special report explores the challenges and opportunities facing MGAs and how they have an opportunity to prosper and thrive in the current environment if they embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and their greater potential innovation and flexibility compared with bigger players.


Intelligent Insurer - 35 Rising Stars

Meet Intelligent Insurer's Rising Stars of 2017 
A new generation making waves in the industry


Run-Off Special Report 2017


Dublin & Ireland - Where risk transfer meets innovation

Re/insurance in the heart of Europe


Influential Women in Re/insurance 2016


Global Reinsurance Guide 2017 - Fitch


Gibraltar - The European Domicile of Choice



Insurance Risk & Operations, Europe 2016

This report builds off Clearwater Analytics’ in-depth industry

knowledge and explores ways that insurers are proactively

solving new investment accounting challenges.


Intelligent Insurer 40 Rising Stars 2016




Intelligent Insurer MGA Special Report 2016


The Convergence of Operational Risk and Cyber Security - Accenture

Read the white paper here.


Q1 2016 Cat bond report



Intelligent Insurer Run Off Report 2016


Making your Enterprise Cyber Resilient - Accenture

Answering the cyber risk challenge.

Read the white paper here.


Original Risk

Tempted by Sustained Profitable Growth?

Read the white paper here.


Intelligent Insurer London Broker Report 2015



Improving exposure data quality and usability with GfK boundary data

verisk-cover-shot.jpg Original Risk: Your First Bite of the ILS Apple


Click to read the Fitch Ratings Global Reinsurance Guide 2016

View on your computer, phone or tablet.


Intelligent Insurer Global Awards 2015 Commemorative Issue 

View on your computer, phone or tablet.


PCS Cat Bond - Market Update

Public and Private: PCS® Q2 2015 Catastrophe Bond Report



Gibraltar - The EU insurance & ILS domicile of choice

The supplement includes:

  • Gibraltar as an ILS domicile
  • Innovation in Gibraltar
  • The local insurance industry
  • Remarks from The Chief Minister 


Customer Communications Management for ISV's

The application software companies can't afford to ignore

And a guide to finding an affordable solution.



Intelligent Insurer Special Report

Spotlight on Latin America


Intelligent Insurer Special Report

Spotlight on MENA



Intelligent Insurer Global Awards 2014 Commemorative Issue 

View on your computer, phone or tablet.

  Click to read the Fitch Ratings Global Reinsurance Guide 2015


Addressing deferred compensation tax risks 

A white paper by Concord Specialty Risk


Litmus Rating Report

The Litmus Rating Review

International Reinsurance, Commercial and Specialty Lines Edition


Intelligent Insurer Special Report

ILS From All Angles

The buyers, the investors, the brokers, the domiciles and the advisers.


The Disaster Gap - a white paper by BNY Mellon

How insurers and the capital markets can harness big data to close the gap.


 FitchRatings Global Reinsurance Guide 2014

 The fourth edition of Fitch Ratings’ Global Reinsurance 
 Guide. The guide provides reinsurance brokers, security
 committees and reinsurance investors with information
 on Fitch’s universe of reinsurance coverage and key 
 factors that affect ratings within the sector.



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