10 key Bermuda moments


10 key Bermuda moments

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This year the financial hub and risk centre of Bermuda showed it has big ambitions for the future. We highlight 10 key events in 2022 that have moved the Island closer to its goals.

Bermuda’s ambition to build on its status as the world’s risk capital and become the capital of climate risk finance has been a theme all year. From the inaugural Bermuda Climate Summit at home to its role at COP27 in Egypt where it shared its risk expertise, re/insurers domiciled on the island have credentials aplenty to take up that mantle.

However, there is a lot of work to do first, which is why global companies and associations have spelled out the challenges ahead as well as urged the industry to realise that the opportunities are potentially game-changing for the traditional understanding of insurance.

In the last year there have been many moments on the path to further elevating Bermuda’s already much valued status—we’ve highlighted 10 of the most important here.

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