An instinct to flourish


An instinct to flourish

Thirty years after forming what is now Lloyd’s largest player, Stephen Catlin is showing no sign of slowing down as he spearheads the company’s global expansion plans. Here, he tells Intelligent Insurer about his willingness to follow his instincts, his irritation with some brokers and how he defines the term entrepreneur.

At a time when many chief executives talk of unprecedented change in the structure of the market and challenging pricing conditions thanks to more competition, Stephen Catlin, chief executive of Catlin, remains unconcerned. His company recent posted record results and the firm continues to enjoy growth in most business lines.

Catlin is irritated, however, at the suggestion by some in the market that competition is tougher and pricing softer than it really is. One broker recently described the market as the worst in a generation. Catlin is ardent and exacting in dismantling this statement. After all, he points out, his 40 years in the market means his perspective transcends a lot more than just one generation.

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