Cyber enters new era of growth as PC&C era looms: Gallagher Re


Cyber enters new era of growth as PC&C era looms: Gallagher Re

Ian Newman, global head of cyber; Ed Pocock, senior cyber security consultant, Gallagher Re

The cyber insurance market remains one of the fastest-growing lines of business for carriers—and it remains set to become as large as the P&C sector.

Demand in the cyber insurance market will usher in a new era of growth for the risk transfer industry, not just in its size but also in terms of product innovation, as re/insurers harness new technologies and data solutions to gain a competitive edge in a crowded yet complex underinsured space.

That is according to Ian Newman, global head of cyber at Gallagher Re, who discussed the broker’s latest whitepaper in a video interview with He co-authored the report, “Cy–Fi: The Future of Cyber (Re)insurance”, which examines the trends and the likely future of the cyber market, with Ed Pocock, a senior cyber security consultant at Gallagher Re.

“The cyber line continues to grow year on year, but we are going to see cyber develop more as a whole—in the same way that we are seeing cars go driverless. That’s inevitably the market we are heading to,” Newman said.

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