D&O: dislocation, rates and new opportunities


D&O: dislocation, rates and new opportunities

David Ritchie, Gallagher; Sridhar Manyem, AM Best; Paul Shore, Tegron; Yoel Brightman, Rising Edge

The D&O market has been a tough one in recent years. But are times changing? A Re/insurance Lounge panel debated the topic.

There are cycles in all industries as times when things go well gradually turn into times when they do not. The directors and officers (D&O) sector has been experiencing this in recent years, caught out in a hard market as various issues and elements around the world have pressured and pushed the segment.

To debate this, Intelligent Insurer held a group discussion on the Re/insurance Lounge, the on-demand platform for interviews and panel discussions with industry leaders. Joining us on the call were Sridhar Menyem, director of industry and research analytics at AM Best; Paul Shore, chief executive officer of Tegron; Yoel Brightman, managing director of Rising Edge; and David Ritchie, executive director of D&O at Gallagher.

“As the traditional market has stepped back that has created an opening for new insurers.” Paul Shore, Tegron

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