Hard talk but no hard market: Asia-Pacific 1/4 renewals


Hard talk but no hard market: Asia-Pacific 1/4 renewals

Mark Morley, Gallagher Re; George Attard, Aon; Deepika Mathur, Markel; Robert Mazzuoli, Fitch Ratings; Javier Sánchez Cea, Mapfre Re

Renewals in the region were disciplined and perhaps even dull, but the diversity of the countries and differing lines means that drama is never far away. Capacity, as ever, is key, says an Intelligent Insurer panel.

Sometimes you don’t want excitement. The key words for the April 1 renewals in the Asia-Pacific region were probably “orderly” and “stable”, according to Mark Morley, managing director for the region at broker Gallagher Re.

“A boring renewal isn’t necessarily a bad renewal,” he said. “It’s a good outcome for all parties.” 

To discuss that outcome and to see where there was excitement, Intelligent Insurer brought together Morley and a diverse panel of other experts from the region: George Attard, Aon’s CEO for reinsurance solutions in Asia-Pacific; Deepika Mathur, CEO of Markel India; Robert Mazzuoli, head of EMEA reinsurance at Fitch Ratings, who covers the big European-based global reinsurers; and Javier Sánchez Cea, Asia-Pacific chief regional officer at Mapfre Re.

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