In change lies opportunity


In change lies opportunity

As her firm celebrates its 60th anniversary, Ingrid Carlou, the CEO of Patria Re, explains why the raft of strategic shifts in the business in recent years means the reinsurer is ready to benefit from these fundamental changes in the market.

In Spanish, there is a very old saying: A rio revuelto, ganancia de pescadores. Loosely translated, it means “murky waters are full of fish”. And this neat, somewhat quaint, analogy is how Ingrid Carlou, the chief executive of Patria Re, defines both the state of the reinsurance markets and the opportunities that exist for players with the right strategies right now.

As CEO since 2012, Carlou has already overseen a number of strategic firsts for the company, many of which were started well before her own reign but which she is responsible for seeing to fruition.

But at the heart of the changes the company is experiencing there lies the dual challenge of keeping pace with what she acknowledges is a rapidly changing industry while also ensuring the company—celebrating its 60th year in 2013—is well positioned to take full advantage of some of the opportunities that could emerge as a result.

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