Is mounting regulation now just business as usual for MGAs?


Is mounting regulation now just business as usual for MGAs?

Kenneth Underhill, ICSR; Philippe Gouraud, Risng Edge; Ian Lloyd, iprism Underwriting; Richard Webb, Manchester Underwriting

A great deal of work needs to be done in terms of leveraging technology more effectively, but when it comes to regulatory requirements, many MGAs now simply accept it as part and parcel of conducting business.

The ongoing challenges of managing the consequences of Brexit combined with ever-greater regulatory hurdles present managing general agents (MGAs) with a complex set of challenges. While technology can overcome some of these, and make their lives easier, there is a sense of acceptance in the sector that this is now just part of doing business.

That was one of the conclusions of a panel discussion delivered by Intelligent Insurer, in partnership with the Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA) and hosted on the Re/insurance Lounge, the publication’s online, on-demand platform for debate and discussion.

In attendance were Philippe Gouraud, chief executive officer, Rising Edge; Michael Keating, chief executive officer, MGAA; Ian Lloyd, chief executive officer, iprism Underwriting; Katherine Snedden, chief risk officer at DUAL Corporate Risks and a member of the advisory board at the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA); Kenneth Underhill, compliance, risk and corporate governance specialist and director of risk and compliance consulting firm Implement Compliance Solutions and Resources (ICSR); and Richard Webb, director, Manchester Underwriting.

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