Not all reinsurers are created equal


Not all reinsurers are created equal

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Flaspöhler, part of NMG Consulting, conducts an annual global study designed to illustrate reinsurers’ competitive positioning and value proposition in relation to their peers. Here, we reveal how the top reinsurers fared when brokers and insurance executives across Europe, the Middle East and Africa were surveyed.

Flaspöhler (part of NMG Consulting—a specialist global consulting firm which focuses on the investments, insurance and reinsurance markets) conducted a global study drawing on the views of nearly 3,500 executives from more than 1,200 companies.

Flaspöhler | NMG Consulting produces a Business Capability Index (BCI) as a lead metric, designed to provide insight into a reinsurer’s (or broker’s) competitive positioning within any given segment. The BCI is a composite of many factors, including strength of partnerships, ease of doing business, innovation, client management, underwriting expertise, and capabilities within lines of business.

The BCI gives a sense of a competitor’s overall offer and value proposition in relation to its peers, and is particularly insightful when contrasted against relative pricing or financial strength. Price competitiveness and financial strength are not included in the BCI, which ensures it is strictly a value measure.

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