Ten visionaries to watch in the re/insurance industry


Ten visionaries to watch in the re/insurance industry


When times are tough, visionary leaders are the ones we look to for inspiration. Intelligent Insurer showcases ten of the best, from those championing sustainability to the brilliant minds at the forefront of game-changing technology.

If you’re looking for inspiration, then look no further. Intelligent Insurer has chosen ten re/insurance industry visionaries for 2022, listed in alphabetical order. These leaders are unafraid to spearhead new ideas and tackle the trickiest of issues with innovative thinking. These people are always on the lookout for the next big thing that could change everything. These are our visionaries to watch in 2023.

Marc Archambault, chief executive officer of Life & Health, PartnerRe

Marc Archambault, chief executive officer of Life & Health at PartnerRe, is responsible for pioneering projects that offer clients greater insights and growth and that leverage technology to better underwrite risk.

In 2021, the company launched DUET Edge, a digital underwriting solution for life insurers that is designed to help drive growth for PartnerRe’s clients.

Under Archambault’s leadership, the business developed this digital underwriting solution so its life reinsurance clients can automate their risk underwriting. It means that medical underwriting and vocational, sports and international travel risks are all handled through an interactive online path, which is seamlessly linked to predictive algorithms.

In 2019, PartnerRe launched a wearables pilot with Dacadoo, a pioneer in the digital health space. This pilot banked valuable knowledge about wearables technology. Further work, using PartnerRe’s advanced data analytics capability, enabled the group to share insights with life and health clients.

Archambault is a member of PartnerRe’s Executive Leadership Team and has worked in the industry for three decades.

Mark Budd, head of innovation, Zurich Insurance

As UK head of innovation at Zurich Insurance, Mark Budd leads the team of Innovation Foundry, an initiative that focuses on working with long-time partners from scratch rather than looking to merge with or acquire them at a later date.

He is also an advocate of sustainability and in June this year, supported Zurich UK’s launch of a new smart building product, called Zurich Insite. This is designed to help businesses cut property losses and boost sustainability. It uses self-installed smart sensors that monitor the real-time ‘health’ of buildings to support operational efficiency, risk reduction and optimised energy use. The tech analyses operational and environmental data flowing around buildings and can collect up to 26,000 data points every hour ranging from building temperature and air quality to occupancy levels and lighting.

Budd said that unlocking the power of data is the key to achieving safer, smarter and more sustainable buildings.

“By providing more effective controls over energy usage, this technology can help businesses to enhance their efficiency, reduce utility costs and promote a greener workplace. This is even more critical as firms adapt to changing occupancy levels brought on by agile working,” he said.

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