The big issues: Rendez-Vous 2013


The big issues: Rendez-Vous 2013

As the industry prepares for another conference season in the run-up to the renewals, we asked three prominent industry bosses what the big themes will be at this year’s event.

The industry is warming up for the start of yet another busy renewals schedule, and the mood is perhaps different from previous years. With no big catastrophe losses to cope with (at the time of going to press), more fundamental issues are likely to be the main discussion points at this year’s Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous—most notably potential changes in the capital structure of the industry caused by the ever-growing influx of alternative capacity.

Amer Ahmed, the chief executive officer of Allianz Re, says the effect this form of capacity is having on pricing will be a big issue. He sees the issue with the perspective of both a buyer and seller of reinsurance and he says the impact it is having on pricing worries him.

“The constant capital inflow from investors into the reinsurance sector has changed the landscape considerably. The abundant availability of capacity in the market through these additional sources increases competition between investors and reinsurers and has a downwards impact on pricing,” he says.

Rendez-Vous de Septembre 2013, Kevin Marine, Amer Ahmed, Ashok Kumar Roy

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