The inaugural Intelligent Insurer Editor’s Choice Awards


The inaugural Intelligent Insurer Editor’s Choice Awards

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“Change may indeed be inevitable. Successful change, however, is not.” That was the winner of our quote of month competition in August. Here, with that in mind, we introduce the first Editor’s Choice Awards in which we identify the companies, ventures and individuals best equipped to make change successful.

At a time of unprecedented change for an industry buffeted by disruptive forces the like of which it has never experienced before, Intelligent Insurer decided to introduce a new set of annual awards designed to recognise, celebrate and explain some of the most important deals, innovations and other changes the industry has experienced in the past 12 months.

We make no excuse for the fact that these highlights are chosen by Intelligent Insurer’s in-house editorial team—and that the final decisions are those of the editor alone. We spend all day, every day, discussing, covering and writing about the risk transfer industry. If something important has happened, we know about it. On that basis, this is our pick of the most important and game-changing moments we have seen over the past 12 months.

We have chosen categories that we feel are able best to reflect the dynamic innovation and change currently taking place in the industry. It has been another big year for consolidation in the industry with many small deals occurring but also some very big game-changers.

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