Think risk, think global


Think risk, think global

The Risk and Insurance Management Society’s new president, John Phelps, brings an emphasis on training, thinking globally, and nurturing the next generation of risk managers. He told Jenny White about his aims for 2013.

Risk managers can expect their roles to acquire an ever more global perspective in 2013 as organizations become more international in their strategic thinking, and risk management practices are increasingly embraced in other countries around the world.

That is the view of John Phelps, the 2013 president of the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS). The society’s membership is becoming more geographically diverse, he says, in part driven by advancements in technology which allow organizations to transcend borders. Contracts and functions previously fulfilled within the US can now be relatively easily outsourced to other countries.

“Companies that have traditionally been US-based are increasingly dealing with exposures in other countries. As a Society, we need to increase our ability to provide support for risk managers who are dealing globally, and to provide those resources for risk managers in other countries as well,” says Phelps.

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