29 May 2024   Is insurance adding to the ransomware risk? That was one of the questions posed to the panel on the first day of the Cyber Risk and Insurance Innovation USA conference, hosted by Intelligent Insurer today and tomorrow (May 29-30, 2024) in Chicago.

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To make diversity and inclusion initiatives work, insurers must talk about what they’re doing—in the business, in the industry, and outside. There’s no room for looking only for competitive advantage if change is to happen.
Re/insurers can start small but should think big to see real change in their organisations. A focus on specific areas to achieve real change needs to be combined with a willingness to question fundamental assumptions.
David Ni, chief strategy officer at Enstar, said the run-off specialist ‘not sidelined’ by the mega deal as his firm continues to ‘actively look for new business’.
While reinsurers and brokers discuss the return of a market cycle most buyers just want a quiet life with no surprises—assuming they don’t feel underinsured in light of the recent hurricanes or cyber losses that have the potential to cause them sleepless nights. Intelligent Insurer reports.
Some 18 months ago, Stephen Postlewhite, chief executive officer of Aspen Re, was moved to head up the group’s insurance business and tasked with repositioning the business and implementing a new business model. He spoke to Intelligent Insurer about his achievements so far and the challenges to come.
The increasingly litigious nature of society and corporate life means that a robust D&O policy is now critical for companies wishing to recruit quality staff. But formulising the right policy with the right covers and terms and conditions is equally important – for the sake of both the insured and the company buying the coverage, Dav Khalaghizadeh, head of Commercial D&O, at Aspen Insurance, tells Intelligent Insurer.
The European reinsurance market remains extremely attractive both for its incumbent players and for newer entrants into the market—all of which should make for some interesting negotiations as each camp tries to cement or grow their footing in the market, as Intelligent Insurer discovers.
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11 March 2024   Aspen to assume share of active insurance provider’s US cyber programs.
17 January 2024   Aspen appoints Lloyd’s active underwriter as interim UK CEO.
12 January 2024   The hire will engage with brokers on appetite, risk management and digital needs.
9 January 2024   It is designed to enable insureds to proactively tackle cybersecurity threats.
21 December 2023   In contrast to the broad market, a notable 50% of AuM covers long-tail, not nat cat.
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