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"We want to be known as a claims-paying organisation," Chris Colahan, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance, tells Intelligent Insurer.
European re/insurers are leading the charge towards forcing the eventual abdication of 'king' coal. How successful will the industry be in toppling the age-old monarch of fossil fuels, and why are climate campaigners still frustrated? Intelligent Insurer investigates.
The London Market, along with its flagship Lloyd’s, is falling behind in the important high-growth Asian insurance market as well as in major emerging markets such as Latin America.
American International Group’s US casualty business has performed significantly worse than expected by the firm in recent years, resulting in a $3 billion loss in the fourth quarter of 2016 as the company reacted by striking a reinsurance deal and significantly increasing claims loss reserves.
While rates are showing signs of flattening out, the soft market is far from over and reinsurers are having to make tough choices on retaining market share versus protecting profits. Intelligent Insurer reports.
At this moment in time, big cedants retaining more risk is a hot topic. Intelligent Insurer examines why this is happening and what it means.
Despite its vital role allowing global economies to work smoothly while providing security, protection and peace of mind to its customers, the insurance industry struggles to gain respect—perhaps it just needs to communicate better, better, says Mike Morrissey.
Berkshire Hathaway’s recent arrangement with Aon, whereby it takes a 7.5 percent quota share on all retail subscription business with some Lloyd’s participation, has caused controversy in the industry. Intelligent Insurer asked a range of industry figures: “Do you believe it represents an innovative blueprint of things to come in the industry, or a potential threat to underwriting expertise?”
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8 August 2023   The senior hire to head transactional liability insurance for Asia and the Middle East.
7 August 2023   Geico hikes premium 16% on average retained account, but sheds 14% of policies overall.
7 August 2023   Adjusted for Alleghany acquisition, net earned reinsurance premiums rose ca. 17% in Q2.
24 July 2023   AIG, QBE, Farmers, Berkshire Hathaway, Kemper and others on the 2022 evacuee list.
18 July 2023   The hire has 35 years of industry experience in the UK, LatAm, Caribbean and Asia.
14 July 2023   BHSI looks to drive ‘robust growth’ across its property portfolio in the UK and Europe.
9 May 2023   Early toying in telematics exposed major bottlenecks from outdated technology across the firm.
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