18 July 2024   The 25% sell-off shows investors fearing ‘worst case tail risk’ of new equity raise.

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As one of the most challenging but also colourful years for the re/insurance industry in decades, 2022 made for some juicy and vivid quotes, dutifully written down by our reporters. Here are 10 of Intelligent Insurer’s favourites—we could have done 100!
For those at Baden-Baden who had not decided so already, the protests made clear that the focus on ESG issues is not diminishing, only intensifying—and broadening.
It’s time to be less obsessed with technical skills and widen the search for talent. That is according to a number of senior executives who debated this issue on a Re/insurance Lounge panel discussion organised by Intelligent Insurer.
For all the devastation, the pandemic has brought opportunities when it comes to hiring and managing talent. As the crisis recedes, the industry must ensure they’re not lost, a Re/insurance Lounge panel discussed.
Data can help meet the industry’s needs and customers’ demands, says Brona Magee of SCOR Global Life.
Pandemic-related losses are large but reinsurers look to have avoided the worst with a combination of financial discipline and the arrival of a hard market. Will efforts to inoculate themselves against the pandemic in H1 continue to be effective into the second half of the year, and how will it affect the wider market? Intelligent Insurer speaks to Robert Mazzuoli, director at Fitch Ratings, to find out more.
CEO Kessler says COVID-19 impact on reinsurer is ‘limited’ and points to a hardening market as ‘perfect’ conditions for SCOR to prosper.
AI offers the opportunity to boost the skills and value of underwriters as it ‘rides sidecar’ to people, providing on the job learning, says Richard Hartley, CEO of insurtech Cytora.
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7 June 2024   The MGA has renewed its media, tech & cyber binder with an increased $10m capacity.
31 May 2024   SCOR reused its Irish vehicle for a second year; says it benefited from ‘high investor demand’.
17 May 2024   But rising demand in property cat could ensure hard market through 2025, Conoscente said.
17 May 2024   A normalised combined ratio would have been ‘well below’ SCOR’s 87% target, CFO says.
17 May 2024   Prior remediation seems quite complete: SCOR only managed down 1.2% of April portfolio.
2 May 2024   After several years of bad losses, 2023 saw reinsurers begin to rebuild their capital. With third-party capital still slow to return to the market, 2024 sees a more balanced market, according to SCOR’s global property & casualty.
1 May 2024   The former CEO of SCOR specialty insurance is leaving the company after 12 years.
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