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Aiming at a moving target

North America16-04-2013Life Insurance

Consolidation in the medical supplies industry means that underwriters must adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Mark Wood, president and chief executive officer at LifeScienceRisk, discussed the challenges this creates with Intelligent Insurer.

A cosmic tsunami


The potential effects of a magnetic superstorm in space are underestimated by insurers—but the industry needs to understand this risk better, says Matt Cranor, Underwriting & Claims Manager, Infrassure.

Trust in an alternative

North America16-04-2013Capital Management, Credit Insurance

While many reinsurers and captives understand and use collateral alternatives, those running large corporate deductible programmes often do not. Robert Quinn from Wells Fargo explains the benefits of this simple and affordable option.

Spreadsheet data achilles heel or critical link?

Europe, North America16-04-2013

Using data correctly can offer substantial benefits to companies—but finding the best way of doing this can be a challenge, says Francis Fortunato, chief executive of CATEX

Still true to its roots

Bermuda, North America16-04-2013

Bermuda continues to thrive as an insurance hub despite facing increasing competition from every direction. Intelligent Insurer investigates why it has such an appeal for companies looking to place their risks.

So far, so good

Asia Pacific, Europe, North America16-04-2013

Despite a recent minor hardening of rates, most captive insurers haven’t increased their retentions and the reinsurance buying programmes of most remain stable. But this could soon change due to regulatory changes and if rates continue on their upward trajectory.

Time to re-risk it

Europe, North America16-04-2013Alternative Risk Transfer (ART)

While the investment returns of some of the top reinsurers improved in 2012, the industry must explore alternatives if its biggest players are to remain competitive in the future. An Intelligent Insurer report.

A healthy partnership


While banks still have many challenges to contend with, their relationship with the insurance sector remains as strong as ever. Barrie Davison from The Royal Bank of Scotland explains why.

Embracing digital payments


Spencer Rhodes and Bill Wrest from the Non-Bank Financial Institutions team at Barclays speak to Intelligent Insurer about why transferring to a digital format could save insurers considerable time and money.

A changing legal landscape

Europe, North America16-04-2013Lawsuits

There is more competition between law firms specialising in re/insurance than ever—a phenomenon that is good news for clients. In the first of a two-part feature, we explore the dynamics behind this change and (in the next issue) what law firms are doing to remain competitive.

Showing 1011 to 1020 of 1182 results

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