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A matter of debate

Emerging Markets, Russia01-10-2011Construction, Property and Casualty (P&C)

Industrial construction is a relatively new risk that is increasingly being insured in Russia. In the second part of a roundtable discussion the finer points of insuring this risk, including the clauses that determine maximum coverage limits, were debated.

Cell company legislation in Malta

Malta01-10-2011Angela Thorns

Cell company legislation has been in effect in Malta for a number of years and is proving to be an opportunity for expansion of Malta’s financial services industry, particularly the insurance and investment fund sectors, says Dr Angela Thorns of Dingli and Dingli.

Earthquake catastrophe modelling: meeting the challenges

01-10-2011CatastropheGoran Trendafiloski

A combination of recent events and scientific advances means that it is a dynamic time for earthquake catastrophe modelling, with changes occurring rapidly, as Dr Goran Trendafiloski of Aon Benfield’s Impact Forecasting team explains.

When one is not enough


As insurers and reinsurers work to put their houses in order in time for the new regulatory regime that Solvency II will bring, Intelligent Insurer looks back to when the original solvency standards were put in place and why a new regime is needed.

Going up? The case for a hard market


The multitude of catastrophic losses borne by reinsurers in the first half of the year started a murmuring that, as the US hurricane season gains momentum, is quickly turning into a cacophony.

The Banking Report 2011: Serious support


The cornerstone of any good business is often a solid and reciprocal relationship with its bank. And that is very much true in the world of insurance and reinsurance.

The Banking Report 2011: Enabling the flow


Cash is king in the insurance sector—not simply how much you have but how quickly you can move it around and access it. Intelligent Insurer examines how insurers and reinsurers get the best from using corporate banking services.

The Banking Report 2011: Give us some credit


The ability to post collateral is becoming ever more important for insurers and reinsurers. Intelligent Insurer investigates why this is the case and how banks enable this service for their clients.

The Banking Report 2011: More than safekeeping


Intelligent Insurer investigates how developments in both the life and non-life insurance sectors are altering the demands being made on custodians—and how banks are responding to these changes.

The Banking Report 2011: The match makers...


The forces of consolidation remain an ongoing dynamic within the insurance and reinsurance industries, and continue to shape both sectors and companies. II investigates what support investment banks can offer to businesses during mergers and acquisitions.

Showing 1011 to 1020 of 1086 results

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