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European regulator loses patience, moves to legislate transparency

Europe12-04-2022Insurance News, Reinsurance News

After multi-year press, less than 1 in 5 insurers agree to publish stress tests.

European supervisor hints war exclusions up for clarity review as insurers eye Ukrainian claims

Europe, Russia, Ukraine29-03-2022Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Regulator considering further guidance beyond work on wordings and exclusions in nat cat & pandemic.

EU insurers escape noose on Russian investments; but spill-over risks lurk, regulator warns

Europe, Russia09-03-2022Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Second-round effects from economy and spillovers from other parts of financial sector merit vigilance, says EIOPA.

EU regulators cannot back down on capital requirements or Solvency review to clear path for ESG agenda

Europe26-01-2022Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Solvency requirements are the sine qua non; the rest is all bonus, says EIOPA’s Hielkema.

European regulators watch price-walking tactics in auto & household, suspect discrimination

Europe24-01-2022Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Some 59% of EU regulators see clients getting taken for a ride in auto, 29% in household.

European insurers could handle Covid-redux, but may be leaning too much on loopholes, says regulator

Europe, Global17-12-2021Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Three-quarters of industry would fail solvency stress-test without LTG & transitional measures.

Sharply rising ESG risks to pose challenges for insurers once pandemic-era markets & macro abate, warns EU regulator

Europe14-12-2021Insurance News, Reinsurance News

ESG risks are “least adequately mitigated” category; macro risks seen abating as recovery takes hold.

European insurers face climate-stance stress tests within 2-3 years, top regulator warns

Europe07-12-2021Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Eventual prudential requirements may follow lead being set for banks by the ECB.

Regulators-insurers clash on urgency of post-COVID insurance schemes

Europe, Global18-11-2021Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Public aid is no first step in systemic risk protection: EIOPA’s Hielkema.

EIOPA unveils 2021 stress test based on prolonged pandemic scenario

Europe07-05-2021Insurance News, Reinsurance News

The 2021 exercise includes 44 European re/insurance companies covering 75% of the EEA market.

Showing 1 to 10 of 44 results

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