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Stabilising effects of insurance in cat areas still not fully acknowledged

Latin America27-10-2015Insurance News

In highly exposed areas, insurance is an important tool to strengthen the resilience of emerging economies when dealing with catastrophic risk, says Alfredo Castelo, CEO of Mapfre Global Risks.

Cat events and economic challenges key LatAm themes

Latin America27-10-2015Reinsurance News

The recent increased intensity of cat events, mainly due to the effect of the El Niño phenomenon, is one of the major challenges facing the Latin American markets, says Cristian Velasco, general manager of THB Chile Re.

Declining oil prices set to squeeze LatAm re/insurers

Latin America27-10-2015Reinsurance News

Government efforts to counter the effects of declining oil prices by raising taxes for re/insurers will be a significant theme in the LatAm region over the coming year. That is the view of Daniel Duesterhaus, general manager for Central and South America at Hannover Re.

Claims consciousness accelerating in Latin America

North America27-10-2015Reinsurance News

Emerging liability requirements as a result of international investors’ involvement in many of the large Latin American businesses is accelerating claims consciousness in the region, says John Blake, managing partner of Hemispheric Reinsurance Group.

Maturing Chile offers opportunities for insurers

Latin America27-10-2015Insurance News

Chile has gone through a process of cultural change in order to become one of Latin America’s most sophisticated insurance markets, according to the chief executive of one of the country’s leading insurers.

Innovation is key to growth in Bolivia

Latin America27-10-2015Insurance News

A focus on innovation and expansion in segments such as microinsurance and other mass-market products are the keys for growth at Nacional Vida, one of Bolivia’s largest insurance companies, according to its president Jose Luis Camacho.

Embrace diversity to succeed in Latin America

Latin America27-10-2015Insurance News

A key to success in Latin America is recognising that it is a very diverse region with varying cultures, says Louis de Segonzac, head of Amlin’s Latin American business.

Local market appetite poses challenge to Lloyd’s London players

Europe, Latin America, London Market27-10-2015Insurance News

One of the key challenges presented by the Latin American market is the increase in local market appetite and capacity for risks that were traditionally coming through to Lloyd’s in London. That is the view of Rupert Taylor, head of general liability and multi-line product development for Marketform.

Energy sector suffering while construction, aviation and marine buoyant

Latin America27-10-2015Insurance News, Reinsurance News

One of the most challenging areas for re/insurance at present in Latin America is around major energy projects because the price of oil has made a number of these less viable, says Mike Methley, CEO of JLT Latin America. However, construction, aviation and marine are growing very strongly, he added.

Latin America must face the longevity challenge

Europe, Latin America27-10-2015Insurance News

Most countries are experiencing a longevity revolution, says Lucie Taleyson, head of the actuarial and marketing department of AXA Group Life Solutions within AXA France – and countries in Latin America need to plan accordingly.

Showing 15831 to 15840 of 21778 results

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