Cunningham Lindsey launches forensic services


Cunningham Lindsey has launched a forensic advisory service (FAS) in the UK which will provide providing forensic accounting, economic loss quantification, and financial analysis.

In the UK, FAS will also include the major loss investigations and financial investigation unit teams. These are dedicated to uncovering fraud in high value commercial, domestic and motor claims.

The team consists of qualified accountants and valuation specialists, providing forensic accounting, economic loss quantification, and financial analysis. It is supported by the global FAS offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Singapore and Auckland.

“This launch is another exciting step for Cunningham Lindsey in its drive to offer a dedicated, global forensic accounting service,” said Matthew Griffin, director of FAS in the UK. “FAS brings together the best accounting resources in the market to offer a first class service for our clients when it comes to the quantification of financial losses.

“Businesses now operate on a global scale, dealing with subsidiaries, customers and suppliers in multiple countries. In today’s more inter-connected world, claims are becoming more complex and often result in loss scenarios that had not been contemplated when the policy was being negotiated and written.

“For example, high degrees of interdependency can create significant upstream or downstream losses that were not anticipated at policy inception, and which can only be accurately quantified by experienced forensic accounting experts.

“FAS provides detailed analysis around the financial loss elements that are becoming so important – especially in complex and catastrophic loss scenarios. What sets it apart is the independent and rigorous approach expected from traditional forensic accounting firms.”

Cunningham Lindsey, Europe, Matthew Griffin

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