Foo Fighters file lawsuit against Lloyd’s


Rock band the Foo Fighters have filed a lawsuit against Lloyd's and entertainment broker Robertson Taylor after the carriers allegedly failed to pay claims for a number of gigs.

The band made insurance claims for several of their shows on their 2015 tour the that were cancelled, reported Billboard.

Seven of their shows were cancelled due to lead singer Dave Grohl breaking his leg on June 12, 2015 during a show in Gothenberg, Sweden.

Billboard reported that the complaint from the band said that insurers from Lloyd's began searching for ways to limit payment obligations after paying certain amounts for four of the cancelled performances.

A further four shows were cancelled following the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015.

The band had expected the terrorism policy would provide coverage for the four performances, and complained that insurers from Lloyd's had sent a "never-ending series" of requests for "increasingly irrelevant" information as to the necessity of cancelling two performances in Turn and Barcelona.

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