13 June 2024   The 30-year Lloyd’s veteran joined Dale 10 years ago after stints across multiple syndicates.

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Lloyd’s remains central to the growth plans of many carriers targeting the Latin American region. Dawn Miller, Commercial Director, and Hank Watkins, Regional director and President, Americas, Lloyd’s, spoke to Intelligent Insurer.
The industry must redirect its attention towards reshaping the narrative, informing talented individuals about opportunities, and modifying selection processes to attain the desired results, says Mark Lomas, head of culture at Lloyd’s.
“You don’t need revolutionary technology to really make a difference.” Doing things smarter and more efficiently, with help from specialised brokers, can enable insurtechs to break down barriers, penetrate markets and streamline operations, driving true transformation within the industry, says Lloyd’s innovation expert.
The Lloyd’s market of 2023 has its own unique character and challenges. An Intelligent Insurer panel of insiders offer their insights.
Now is the perfect time to re-underwrite underperforming portfolios before the market turns, as it always does, says expert panel.
Lloyd’s diversity, inclusion and wellbeing manager Monica Stancu discussed making insurance more attractive as a career option and data-driven diversity strategies with Intelligent Insurer.
In 2015 Lloyd’s then CEO Inga Beale kickstarted the Dive In festival, aimed at promoting diversity within the market. Jason Groves, chair of the Dive In committee, explains how the event has evolved and what participants can expect this year.
An event exploring how insurers can use innovation to gain a competitive advantage in their commercial lines.
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3 June 2024   Apollo’s Captive Syndicate 1100 launches in partnership with a ‘major global client’.
29 May 2024   She made history as the first female CEO of Lloyd's, and now has a portfolio of non-exec roles.
29 May 2024   The two major insurance and reinsurance hubs to align on sharing risk expertise.
29 May 2024   It says the demand for clean energy TPI and insurers’ commitment to the sector has gone up.
29 May 2024   It aims to offer ‘highly specialised’ risk assessment and quantification to drive next gen of cyber underwriting.
22 May 2024   New Syndicate 3939 aims to revolutionise catastrophe risk transfer at Lloyd’s.
20 May 2024   It will be held in Greece, Belgium, Malaysia, Namibia, Philippines for the first time.
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