8 July 2024   It aims to develop analytical talent and deepen modelling expertise to better understand risks.

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Latin America offers opportunities for re/insurers willing to understand and accept the important subtleties of operating in the region, Marcelo De Gruttola, vice president–senior analyst at Moody’s Investors Service, tells Intelligent Insurer.
As the impacts of climate change become more prevalent, effective ESG measurement will be crucial for evolving underwriting strategies, especially for nat cat, says Vivek Bajaj, managing director, EMEA, Moody’s RMS.
Women have been disproportionally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with existing inequalities between men and women exacerbated in almost all areas of life. But is there hope for the future?
The financial services sector in the UK is not home to big numbers of senior women. They account for only 22 percent of executive committee members across the sector, according to the 2021 Women in Finance Charter.
Michael Dion of Moody’s joins Intelligent Insurer to discuss the growth of the cyber insurance market and where the demand lies.
As the world moves to a low carbon future the re/insurance industry—and the modelling that supports it—may find it has a wider role in climate change, says Robert Muir-Wood of RMS.
Memories of the World Trade Center attacks and the resulting stories of heroism remain etched in people’s minds. Marking the 20th anniversary of the events, RMS has published a whitepaper addressing how 9/11 changed the insurance industry’s view of terrorism risk.
For those at Baden-Baden who had not decided so already, the protests made clear that the focus on ESG issues is not diminishing, only intensifying—and broadening.
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17 April 2024   Higher program retentions likely upped nat cat risk 10% for small to medium sized events.
17 April 2024   ‘Pricing and competitive environment’ is the rising star on the CFO worry list for 2024.
27 March 2024   AXA XL led the current XoL reinsurance cover for International Group of P&I Clubs.
21 February 2024   The purchase is well over initial budget and could yet grow further as TWIA book expands.
20 February 2024   Risk retention rose 10% on average for most catastrophes, more for low frequency events.
12 February 2024   RMS model changes singlehandedly deliver 15% increase in PML estimate.
12 January 2024   The projection does not include losses to non-modelled exposures.
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