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16 November 2023   The fine print in 2023 renewals put 9M cat losses below budget for all four major players.

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Six experts at the leading edge of parametric insurance share insights on where this type insurance is heading and what global changes and technological advances will help it get there.
Six things we learned from our Intelligent Insurer expert panel about how Parametrics are evolving and how they are changing the re/insurance landscape.
Adoption of new exclusions is essential as pre-LMA clause frameworks ‘leave too much ambiguity’, says panel of industry executives.
As the world attempts to find a way of understanding, managing, and transferring the risk associated with pandemics, much can be learned from the extensive work the insurance industry has done to better handle cyber risk, says a new report by CyberCube, with contributions from Munich Re and Metabiota.
Pandemic-related losses are large but reinsurers look to have avoided the worst with a combination of financial discipline and the arrival of a hard market. Will efforts to inoculate themselves against the pandemic in H1 continue to be effective into the second half of the year, and how will it affect the wider market? Intelligent Insurer speaks to Robert Mazzuoli, director at Fitch Ratings, to find out more.
AI offers the opportunity to boost the skills and value of underwriters as it ‘rides sidecar’ to people, providing on the job learning, says Richard Hartley, CEO of insurtech Cytora.
AI has come of age as the technology ensures a more accurate view of risk and can help insurers win more valuable business, says Richard Hartley, CEO of insurtech Cytora.
Insurers taking tough decisions on paying shareholders have a lot to consider, and pressure to make the best choice will only increase the longer the pandemic lingers on. Intelligent Insurer reports.
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13 September 2023   The complexities of writing property-cat business have forced many carriers to walk away.
12 September 2023   There will be no spectacular change in Munich Re’s appetite this renewal, but its book is changing.
10 September 2023   All companies achieved higher average risk-adjusted premium rates.
30 August 2023   Anti-cyclical buffer-building is tempering gains from higher premiums and lower nat cat.
24 August 2023   Berkshire Hathaway rises a notch; RenaissanceRe awaits Validus lift, reveals AM Best report.
18 August 2023   Munich Re’s 22% run-up in Atlantic hurricane exposure doesn’t dent its lead on solvency.
17 August 2023   Munich Re grew its way to peer-beating diversification; Swiss Re recovery looks robust.
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