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CyNation is a digital risk management company focused on managing the risks inherent in third-party ecosystems and is based in London.

Digital Insurance Group


Digital Insurance Group (DIG) is a next-generation technology partner to insurers, banks and brokers globally. Based in Amsterdam, DIG enable its clients to innovate at record speed while leveraging existing IT architecture.


Business equipment cover, Legal expenses cover (included as standard), Professional indemnity, Public liability

Dinghy launched the world's first on-demand professional indemnity insurance, according to the London-based company. In addition to on-demand public liability cover, Dinghy offers business equipment cover, legal expenses and cyber liability cover.



DriveQuant, a Paris-based company established in 2017, develops driving data analysis services based on vehicle physics and mathematical tools, designed for automotive and mobility professionals (motor insurers, fleet managers, distribution and maintenance networks).


General, Insurance claims

Berlin-based ELEMENT Insurance claims it is a product factory for insurance and a leader in insurance digitalisation. It is the first young company licensed by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) as a direct insurer for non-life insurance, which enables ELEMENT to act as a risk carrier, including claims settlement, in 28 countries across Europe.



Embroker is a digital insurance company that is radically improving the way insurance works for businesses. The San Franciscan company serves growing businesses with ten to 1000 employees with a focus on start ups and technology companies, law firms, accounting firms, real estate, construction and cannabis.

Envelop Risk Analytics


Envelop Risk is a specialty cyber insurance firm, based in Bristol, UK, combining decades of insurance industry expertise with sophisticated cyber and machine learning analytics tools.



eviid is the transformative, evidential video reporting tool that allows claims professionals and individuals on and off site to capture, validate, share and access video and other media quickly and easily. Users are enabled to share information, direct from their location, in a single, tamper-proof package.

General, Property catastrophe is the premier artificial intelligence platform for language understanding. It supports the broadest range of commercial insurance use cases in Underwriting and Claims.

Fennech Financial


Fennech Financial is a B2B fintech, based in London. It digitalises finance operations, across functions such as treasury, financial controlling, managerial accounting, and regulatory.

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