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Figo Pet Insurance


Figo Pet Insurance was born in a Google tech hub based in Chicago, with the aim of building a company at the nexus of customer experience and insurance technology.


Cyber, Gadget, Smart home

Dublin-based Fing provides internet of things (IoT) device recognition technology globally. Its artificial intelligence-led proprietary algorithms identify instantaneously the make, model, brand and operating system of all IoT devices on a network.


Legal assistance, Travel

FlightClaimEU’s tech platform supports travel insurers with RPA policy confirmation when clients submit a claim in case of flight disruptions. The client's claim will be settled the same day.



Flock is a London-based, venture capital and government-backed insurtech, operating at the cutting edge of the data analytics and insurance space. Flock specialises in building customer-centric, data-driven, fully digital insurance and risk-management products.



FloodFlash is a new type of parametric flood insurance. Its data and smart sensor approach removes the uncertainty, cost and time of traditional insurance, allowing it to offer affordable quotes where previously insurance came with inflated premiums or large excesses.


Digital bancassurance

Friendsuranse believes that dealing with insurance should bring a smile to your face. That’s why the Berlin-based company develops innovative digital insurance solutions with the aim of making insurance more customer-friendly.

Geospatial Insight


Geospatial Insight is a provider of risk intelligence derived from the analysis of satellite, aerial and drone imagery, based in London. The company accesses a range of sophisticated data sources and applies advanced technologies, including machine learning, to produce evidence-based intelligence that enables clients to make better risk analysis decisions.



GoBear is a Singapore-based financial supermarket with the purpose of improving the financial health of its users. It believes that financial health leads to secure, stable, and sustainable communities across Asia, which is why GoBear makes it its mission to improve user financial health by making financial literacy, financial inclusion, and financial security attainable for everyone. GoBear empowers consumers with the know-how, tools and financial products to meet their needs.

Groundspeed Analytics

Commercial property and casualty

Groundspeed is a data science and artificial intelligence (AI) company serving commercial property and casualty insurance carriers, brokers and managing general agents.

GWT Insight

Commercial property

GWT Insight is a tech company focused on the commercial property insurance and built asset sectors. It manufactures internet of thing devices that capture real-time data from buildings.

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