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As the industry’s burgeoning insurtech sector shows no sign of slowing down, we have spent months compiling a list of 100 insurtech firms we believe have the potential to transform the industry—and thus to succeed as companies in their own right. This list was compiled based on the results of a global online survey which prompted our readers to nominate companies they have been impressed with. This was complemented by the work of our in-house research team and the knowledge of our editorial staff. The companies featured here are of all sizes and many are far from startups—what they have in common is their ability to make a tangible and positive difference to aspects of the risk transfer industry globally.

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New Zealand-headquartered JRNY helps insurance providers protect people better with its highly configurable and intelligent Insurance Distribution Product.



KASKO provides insurtech as a service, enabling insurers to turn insurance products from idea or paper to digital, plug-and-play ready solutions in under six weeks. It is currently working with more than 20 insurers in six countries, launching over 40 products.

Kin Insurance


Kin Insurance is an insurtech startup and licensed insurance carrier that is fixing home insurance through intuitive tech, affordable pricing, and world-class customer service.


Cyber risk modeling

Kovrr’s predictive cyber risk modelling platform delivers global re/insurers transparent, real-time data-driven insights into their affirmative and non-affirmative single, accumulated and catastrophic cyber risk exposures.



Laka is attempting the traditional insurance model on its head after identifying a massive gap with respect to two aspects of the market: to regain customer trust in the insurance industry, and to identify a new model, where both insurer and customer have their interests aligned.


Homeowners, Renters

New York-based Lemonade offers homeowners and renters insurance, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and behavioural economics.

Lennoc Flight Intelligence

Aviation, Passenger

Lennoc’s core business is collecting, processing and analysing flight data on behalf of third parties. The product and/or services are divided from single data providing to full analysis.

Magenta Insurance

Property and casualty

Magenta Insurance is a specialist underwriter of non-standard UK residential property risk. The UK-based company offers brokers and independent financial advisers access to hard to place risk solutions for their client’s. It was recently appointed as the official scheme provider to British Insurance Brokers' Association for escape of water and distressed risk.


General, Property and casualty

MAPTYCS is an advanced data analytics and visualisation solution that addresses the need of risk managers and insurance professionals for detailed risk analysis, real-time weather events monitoring, technical underwriting and risk transfer negotiation.

McKenzie Intelligence

Catastrophe, Exposure management, Insurance claims

McKenzie Intelligence (MIS) is an insurtech founded by former military intelligence personnel, who launched a successful geospatial imagery, data and intelligence consulting business. They have been contracted by Lloyd's and the London Market Authority since 2016 to deliver a market-wide solution to improve the efficiency of claim handling and exposure management, initially for catastrophe events.

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