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As the industry’s burgeoning insurtech sector shows no sign of slowing down, we have spent months compiling a list of 100 insurtech firms we believe have the potential to transform the industry—and thus to succeed as companies in their own right. This list was compiled based on the results of a global online survey which prompted our readers to nominate companies they have been impressed with. This was complemented by the work of our in-house research team and the knowledge of our editorial staff. The companies featured here are of all sizes and many are far from startups—what they have in common is their ability to make a tangible and positive difference to aspects of the risk transfer industry globally.

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Metromile, a San Francisco-based company formed in 2011, offers telematics-powered car insurance. The company claims it educated and pioneered the use of telematics technology among consumers and insurance carriers, as all Metromile policyholders use a Metromile Pulse device.

Mulberry Risk


Mulberry Risk is a boutique consultancy service specialising in data analytics, interpretation, cleansing and consolidation and is based in London.



London-based Neos is a smart, new way to protect and insure your home. It provides the latest technology to warn users if there's a fire, burglary or water leak in their house. The Neos app lets you check up on your home from anywhere in the world 24/7.


Insurance claims

NuvaLaw is a legaltech company that designs and implements digital platforms, revolutionising the way legal information exchange is managed and how contracts, claims and disputes are settled.



omni:us is an artificial intelligence as a service (AIaaS) provider for cognitive claims management that allows the insurance industry to transform from being process-driven to data-driven.



Omnidya leverages artificial intelligence to create bot clones of consumers that shop for them, eliminating search time and delivering customised insurance options straight to the consumer’s smartphone.

Pie Insurance

Workers' compensation

Pie Insurance provides workers' compensation insurance directly to small businesses and partners with local, regional, and national insurance agencies. Based in Denver and Washington, DC, the company began offering policies in 2018 with a goal of helping small businesses experience true savings and an unmatched level of service.



Policygenius is a digital online insurance marketplace helping consumers shop for all types of insurance online.



Praedicat reads, curates and quantifies data from science to identify emerging and emerged risks to humans and the environment.



Premonition is an artificial intelligence (AI) company with a focus on insurtech with two unique value propositions.

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