Chedid Re expands its presence in North and West Africa


Lebabon-based reinsurer Chedid Re has opened new office in Casablanca Finance City (CFC), as part of its expansion strategy to increase the company’s presence in North and West Africa.
The firm has appointed Amine Oudghiri Idrissi as general manager of Chedid Re, North & West Africa.
“I am proud to be part of Chedid Re, a leader in our industry and a company consistently committed to deliver high value services to its network of clients through its extensive knowledge and experience,” said Idrissi.
“I also look forward to lead the expansion of Chedid Re in North and West Africa through a local presence in CFC.”
Saïd Ibrahimi, chief executive officer (CEO) of Casablanca Finance City Authority, pleased to welcome a first reinsurance broker within CFC's ecosystem. 
"The presence of Chedid Re among other international partners strengthens the role of CFC as an economic and financial platform and a Pan-African reinsurance hub,” he said. 
Farid Chedid, the chairman and CEO of Chedid Re, described this expansion in North and West Africa as “one more milestone for Chedid Re’s growth, bringing the company closer to clients and partners and adding value to the services and the reinsurance solutions provided”.

Chedid Re, Amine Oudghiri Idrissi, Farid Chedid, Asia-Pacific, Africa

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